Why Natural Medicines

Your Healthcare Practitioner's job is to have you feeling better as quickly as possible and to prevent health problems from reoccurring. If you want to achieve a new state of wellbeing, thus maximising the quantity and quality of your life, you and your Practitioner must not only treat the symptoms, but also the underlying cause of your disease or condition. That's why many of the programs that they prescribe may involve significant dietary and lifestyle changes and the use of Natural Medicines.



As part of Health World's exceptional new facilities at Northgate, we are very excited to introduce Health World's first, purpose built research clinic.

The research clinic provides an opportunity for the latest research findings to be applied directly to clinical practice. This enables Health World to create cutting edge, clinically proven treatment protocols for complex conditions.

The clinic also provides Health World with valuable clinical tips to pass on to our Practitioners, including the best ways to manage patient compliance.


Health Questionnaires

Your Practitioner has directed you to this website to complete your online health questionnaires. Please use the instructions your practitioner has provided to fill in the questionnaire. Once you have submitted your results they will be sent to your Practitioner who, in consultation, will utilise the results to help formulate your treatment protocol