One Health Update

The Metagenics Advantage

One Health Organisation

Metagenics is the proud Major Sponsor of One Health Organisation (OHO), Australia’s leading holistic humanitarian aid agency. Together with OHO we will strive to provide vulnerable communities with access to the world class holistic healthcare programs and the latest advances in biological and nutritional medicine. With our support OHO will be a step closer to achieving their goal of “Health for All’.

One Health Organisation (OHO) is now the largest organisation of its kind in the world,and the only United Nations-registered social venture for holistic and sustainable community healthcare initiatives. OHO’s approach to achieving world health is four-fold: individual engagement, community collaboration, ethical business and systemic change. Via these four pillars, OHO engages individuals in community work, supports other social ventures to achieve their goals, transitions business and corporations to greater levels of social responsibility, and advocates at a national and international level for equitable, sustainable and integrative healthcare policy. Together with their partners, including Metagenics, OHO strives towards our common goal of ‘Health for All’.

OHO 2014

Throughout 2014, Metagenics predominantly supported OHO projects in Australia (rural NSW, Brisbane, regional Victoria, Alice Springs), the Philippines, Bali, Nepal and Myanmar. The projects were focused on a range of healthcare and health promotion activities, from naturopathic care for abandoned children, bush tucker gardens in Indigenous preschools and free holistic healthcare treatments for homeless Australians, to disaster relief for pregnant women in postcyclone Philippines, and building educational facilities in Nepal.

This year Metagenics donated over $45,000 of products to OHO for distribution across the globe.

Metagenics- supported projects include:

  • Bumi Wadah Emergency Birth Outreach (Philippines).
  • The MyKids Nutritional Project (Myanmar).
  • The World Wellness Group Refugee Program (Brisbane, Australia).
  • Hands on Health Community Wellbeing Clinics (Victoria).

One of the most recent donations to OHO went to the Eaglehawk Community Clinic in Victoria. Located in Bendigo, Victoria, the health clinic offers free treatments in massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic care and naturopathy to some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised members of the community. Treating people with health problems that relate to disadvantage such as poor diet, accidents, drug and alcohol use, and chronic pain, Eaglehawk relies on volunteer Practitioners and donated products to support the people who need it most. Metagenics is proud to be supporting our own communities in Australia, who often get overlooked by donors in favour of more dramatic overseas aid opportunities.

Myanmar Kids gets shaking

Myanmar Kids

In April this year OHO’s Mykids Project commenced the challenging task of distributing Shake It protein products to displaced children in the war torn north of Myanmar. According to Mykid’s Nutritionist Tammy Soovere, ‘This protein supplement can provide essential nutrition that these centres could otherwise not afford’. The donation was distributed to over 28 youth development centres and some 600 impoverished children. This protein supplement is an ideal addition to the scant nutrient intake of the children, as regrettably most protein sources are expensive and a rare commodity.

Case Study: Sleepless in Bendigo.

Judith has struggled with her weight for years; eventually it affected her mobility, sleep, overall wellbeing and mental health. She has been seeing the helpful team at Eaglehawk for a fair while, but without the necessary supplements, her road to healing was long and arduous. After a recent donation of a range of high quality naturopathic products from Metagenics, the volunteer Practitioners have been able to work with Judith to achieve her health aims. The quality sleep Judith was getting thanks to NeuroCalm meant that she could report a significant increase in energy. After one month she was making healthier food and lifestyle choices and has continued to lose weight. Judith said “without the perspective from Eaglehawk’s Naturopath, Ally, I would not have even understood what my body needed and I could not have afforded to purchase these fantastic supplements. This has changed my life, I have started volunteering more and I feel great.”

What you can do

OHO has helped thousands of people across the globe transform their lives, but none of it would have been possible without the passionate support of everyday people doing extraordinary acts of kindness every day.

The easiest way to start is by one of the following simple steps:


Follow OHO’s work on Facebook and help spread the word.


Join OHO online today for as little as $10 a month at


Volunteer on an existing OHO project, or start your own under the Collaborative Partnership Program. If you have a project that you are seeking to launch, contact OHO today: [email protected].